True Risk-based

Vulnerability Management

TARA identifies, quantifies, and communicates evolving cyber risk in the enterprise. By combining network vulnerability data with intelligence from global threat research, TARA pinpoints and prioritizes the risk you need to mitigate. Our platform utilizes predictive AI to deliver true risk-based vulnerability management as well as ongoing third-party risk validation.


Predict where risk is growing and will evolve in your environment.


Save your company time and money.


Eliminate the most cyber risk.

Identify & Quantify Breach Sources

TARA is a Cloud Hosted Platform that identifies and quantifies leading causes of data breaches and ransomware.

Our risk-based vulnerability management platform shifts organizations to a proactive strategy that reduces mitigation efforts and dramatically improves risk coverage.


TARA scans networks to inventory assets and collect software details.


The system leverages global threat intelligence to profile cyber-attack techniques


Utilizes machine learning software to predict and prioritize risk


Delivers specific instructions on how to fix software vulnerabilities

Already Scanning?

TARA ingests data directly from industry leading scan engines and delivers in-depth risk scoring.

A graphically rich dashboard transforms the data to provide performance trending, prioritized mitigation recommendations, and in-depth CVE intelligence.

Did You Know...

Organizations that use the risk-based vulnerability management method will suffer 80% fewer breaches.
*Source: Gartner, “A Guide to Choosing a Vulnerability Assessment Solution,” April 2019

Why Consider TARA?

Clearly Identify What to Fix First

TARA eliminates the friction that often exists between IT and security teams…everyone understands what is a priority and what is not.

Reduce the Size of Patch Lists

Reducing the size of patch lists generated by Security teams means IT teams get clear and concise direction on which priorities to patch.

Teams Work Collaboratively

As Security and IT teams work collaboratively across multiple business units they spend less time chasing vulnerabilities that are not a particular threat to the organization

Prioritize Remediation

Remediation is prioritized based on vulnerabilities that represent the greatest risk which reduces the workload on mitigation teams by targeting 1-3% of the overall vulnerabilities for patching.

Lower Organizational Risk

Patching the highest risk vulnerabilities can reduce organization risk by 20-50%.

Introduction to TARA Risk Based Vulnerability Management
TARA Risk Summary
Top Risk by Host
Top Risk Vulnerabilities

4 Steps to Achieving Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Understanding these four steps is critical to delivering results.