Be Protected with TARA

Predict where risk is growing and will evolve in your environment.

Predict where risk is growing and will evolve in your environment.

Cyber insights you otherwise wouldn't have.

Eliminate the most cyber risk.

Cyber risk in your company is growing.

When weighed against the financial and reputational risks, ongoing third-party validation is money well spent and one of the most strategic investments you can make for managing cyber risk in your organization.

Developed by Security Vitals, TARA identifies and validates evolving risk in your company including work from home environments.

The cost of a security breach is something we can’t accurately calculate, but we know the monthly cost of Security Vitals is a fraction of the price we would incur if there were a breach. And we sleep well at night knowing they have our backs.

Tony Sciacca
North American Controls

Did You Know...

60% of all data breaches* result from a software flaw with a known fix that was not implemented, yet most organizations don’t know which ones to fix.
*Source: Dark Reading

TARA highlights, measures, and communicates evolving cyber risk in business terms that help you make better strategic decisions. It also provides you the confidence that risk is being addressed through ongoing third-party validation.

How TARA works.

Scans your network for security gaps

Feeds dark web research into AI to predict where risk is growing and map it to identified gaps

Prioritizes mitigation and tells you what to fix

Top 3 Reasons Third-party Cyber Risk Validation Makes Sense for Your Enterprise

Why use a third-party for ongoing cyber risk validation?

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