TARA Client Success

Seamless Risk Management Platform Launch for UBX Cloud

The Challenge

As a rapidly expanding managed service provider, UBX Cloud must maintain a difficult balance between a growing customer base and availability of internal technical staff.

Keeping up with ongoing staffing demands is a recurring theme that requires ongoing diligence to effectively manage business risk.

While it is a critical aspect for managing cyber risk, scanning external networks to identify and mitigate evolving risk is a task that draws resources from the technical team. Allocating the necessary staff to set up, manage, and summarize scan details pulls key resources away from customer deployments. UBX needed a solution that would alleviate workload and clearly prioritize the risks identified with the ongoing vulnerability scans. 

The Solution

Not all scanning solutions are created equal.

The team at UBX wanted a managed platform that provided deep scanning capabilities with insightful and clear patching recommendations. Initial diligence focused on scan data accuracy and the results from TARA exceeded expectations. Further investigation revealed the value of true risk scoring as a means of prioritizing patching activities to reduce mitigation efforts. TARA checked all the boxes and offered the team a turn-key approach for in-depth scanning and risk-based scoring. 

The Benefit

UBX Cloud saw immediate gains that started with the program deployment.

With a well-defined onboarding process, the TARA team provided a seamless transition from the old scanning platform.

Steven Panovski, CEO of UBX Cloud summed up the TARA deployment, “As a technology company deploying solutions is an everyday occurrence. TARA was the smoothest solution deployment we have ever experienced.” Additionally, the UBX team recovered valuable technical resource time through a combination of automated scans and clearly prioritized mitigation recommendations.  

When asked why they selected TARA for UBX Cloud, Steven offered a very simple answer, “Being a global cloud services provider, we are accustomed to managing as much of our security stack as possible. We have our own internal vulnerability scanning platform, a large amount of server infrastructure and internal experts to manage it. So then why did we switch to the TARA platform? They do it better and faster, with data driven results that dramatically improve security posture and business outcomes.”